Storytelling Trips

Stories have the power to show someone a mirror-image of their best self. To encourage people to hold on when going through difficult times. And to inspire others to act. Stories change our world.
— Ethical Storytelling

The stories we tell matter. And for way too long the story of Africa has been one of darkness, corruption, brokenness, and helplessness. That's not the story we see every day at Abide. Not even close. 

So we invite you to come to Uganda and see for yourself. See and hear the powerful stories of the mothers empowered, the children kept out of orphanages, and the families changed. Hear about women like Fauza who came to us so desperate she was considering placing her children in an orphanage, but today runs three successful businesses and employs other mothers who were once drowning in poverty too.  

Come, hear, and help them tell their stories. We will introduce you to powerful women, resilient children, and strong families who are the heroes of their narratives. We will all work together to find dignified and respectful ways to be storytellers for change. 

Together we will tell a different story. Together we will tell the truth. 

Whether you are a professional photographer or just excited to tell your friends about your trip when you get home, in today's social media world we are all storytellers and we welcome you to apply to one of our trips.

Upcoming Trips 2019 

August 10th-20th



$1500 (not including airfare)



8-10 people


Trip Leader

Dani Cowan, Photographer, visit danicowanphotography.com to learn more


Deadline to apply

April 1, 2019

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Before submitting an application please thoroughly read and sign the ethical storytelling pledge found HERE

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