Our Story


abide opened its gates in 2013

Abide was founded by two Americans named Kelsey Nielsen and Megan Parker. Kelsey and Megan met while volunteering in an orphanage in Jinja, Uganda. While at the orphanage they were surprised to see parents coming to visit their children and asked why the children were in the orphanage if they had parents who loved and missed them? They were told the children's parents could not afford to feed or care for them.

Then why don't we help the parents so the children can go home?

Kelsey and Megan worked with the orphanage for three years to resettle children back to their families. When they talked with families about how their children ended up in the orphanage to begin with they were frustrated to hear how fixable the reasons were. The families helped Kelsey and Megan realize the lack of services in Uganda to meet these families at their most vulnerable moment in life; the moment they were relinquishing their children. They wanted to meet these parents in that moment and give them another choice.

A choice to keep their babies and stay together as a family. 

Abide Family Center was born. 

Since 2013 Abide has kept over 1,000 children out of orphanages. Today Kelsey and Megan are both back in the states still fighting for the rights of vulnerable families while the mission of Abide continues to be carried out in Uganda by Abide's incredible Ugandan team. Since Abide began they both dreamed of the day it would by fully Ugandan owned and run and they are proud that that day is here.