Emergency Response

When Abide Family Center first receives a referral of an at-risk family the social workers go out and do a thorough assessment. The Abide social workers talk to the family, neighbors, and community leaders to get an accurate idea of whether the family is a good fit for Abide and how to best help them. Abide then responds by meeting the family's immediate needs while working towards empowerment.


Emergency housing

If a family is in need of a place to stay Abide Family Center has three rooms available for emergency housing. If a family has a home but is facing eviction Abide will cover three months worth of rent in order to keep the family in their own community. 


medical care

Abide has a nurse on site who provides basic first aid and accompanies families to any medical appointments they need. Abide covers the cost of medical care for families for the first year they are in Abide's programs. Abide also provides formula to infants who are not able to be breastfed.


food relief 

For families with low food security Abide provides a food package once a week designed specifically around the family size and needs. This food package is provided until the parent has graduated and started their own small business.