Direct Care

Once a family is admitted to Abide and their immediate needs have been met its time to begin working towards empowerment. Abide enrolls each family in classes, helps them reach graduation, and awards them a grant to start their own small business. During their time in direct care families are still provided with housing, food, and medical care on an as needed basis.



For 4-6 weeks families attend parenting, health, and business classes while their children play and learn in our Child Development Center. They also have the opportunity to have one on one counseling and attend bible studies at our center during this time. 



Every two months we celebrate a graduation of a class of 10-15 parents. This is what we are all about! The families have been given the tools they need to reach independence and this is their first big step towards empowerment. 


Business Start Up

Each family sits down with one of our business instructors to design an individual business plan. Our instructor helps the family finalize their plan, shop for the materials they need, and open the business.