When Motherhood is Safe

by Ellie Miller

Mom Picture 2.jpeg

"My mom is the most amazing woman I know.  She made our home the happiest place to be for all five of my brothers, sisters, and I.  Growing up, she was the safest place I knew. She always knew how to make me feel special and loved. She truly gave up her life to us and that is the best example of motherhood I know.  She was there for every sports game, every performance, every sickness, and every heartbreak; with five kids I can’t imagine how exhausting that must have been-but she never complained. She always showed up and smiled in our triumphs and cried with us when we needed it.  She is selfless beyond comprehension.

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Now that I am all grown up, I can honestly say that she is my best friend.  She is the type of woman that I strive to be, she lights up any room that she is in and she makes everyone she talks to feel known and loved.  She has taught me what it means to love somebody well.

My mom is one of the biggest reasons that I love the mission of Abide so much. I know that a mother’s love is something that nothing could ever replace.  I believe that children belong in families because my mom gave me the most beautiful gift of a loving and safe family to grow up in."

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