When Motherhood is Loss


(By Megan Parker- Cofounder of Abide)

On Mother’s Day I am reminded of everything I’ve missed out on. This spring will be 21 years since I lost my mom. And while so much beauty has come out of that loss (like a loving stepmother and three amazing little siblings) nothing ever really fills that hole. Mothers are meant to raise their babies plain and simple.

It’s a truth I’ve lived my whole life. And it hurts extra on this day when people celebrate all their mothers have done for them- all things my mother didn’t have the chance to do. It’s a mix of jealousy and grief and loneliness and passion for every family Abide keeps together. Every child I now know won’t feel that ache each year with me.  


After all these years here’s what I know: mamas and their babies belong together. And when that’s not possible it hurts like hell. So I’m gonna keep fighting every day to make that possible. Will you join me?

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