When Motherhood is Hard


Eseza is the single mother of three children. Her husband abandoned her five years before. She struggled to provide for her family but it was never enough. First the children had to drop out of school. Then she struggled to provide food for them. Then she got behind on rent.

She approached the local welfare office for help. Thankfully instead of being referred to an orphanage she was referred to Abide. She started attending Abide’s classes where she learned about parenting, Jesus, and starting her own small business to support her family.

Eseza and son.jpg

Today she runs a business selling chapatti and bananas. Her family is now able to eat, all her children go to school, and she pays rent every month. Her friends and neighbors cannot believe the transformation her family has gone through because of her hard work. Eseza says, “My heart is full and overwhelmed by the love that Abide has shown me. I would probably be miserable in the village if they did not find me.”

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