When Motherhood is Dreaming Big

Harriet and son.jpg

Harriet is the mother of six children. After her youngest was born her husband passed away. She was living with his family but after his death they kicked her out, taking everything but her children from her. Harriet fell into a deep despair. All she wanted was for her children to eat well, sleep well, and go to school like other kids. She told her kids, “God has let me down and I have let you down too”.  

Then Harriet was referred to Abide. She was given counseling, business classes, and parenting classes. After graduating she started a small business selling produce and fish. Harriet’s business has been thriving for over a year now and all of her children are back in school. She has hopes to expand her business even more in the coming year.


Harriet says, “‘My God is changing me from season to season. He is getting me ready for what I cannot see. Just watch your television sets and wait to hear news about Harriet the world’s most successful business woman”

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