When Motherhood is Courageous

Happy Mother’s Day! Our last story to wrap up this series is about Susan


Susan is the mother of five children. Susan’s husband was dangerous and abusive. So abusive that her oldest son ran away and ended up in a home for street children. Susan was later able to courageously leave her husband and her kind brother took her in. Her brother and his wife had several children of their own and not a lot of extra resources to care for everyone now under their roof. As time went on they grew weary of the burden of caring for her and Susan was scared they would ask her to leave.

The home that was taking care of Susan’s oldest contacted Abide and asked if we could help empower Susan so she could move into her own home and eventually have her oldest come live with them again. Susan was referred to Abide where she went through parenting and business classes.


Today Susan runs a successful small business, has her own home, and has been reunited with her son. Susa says, “life has hit me so hard but has given me a testimony to share the rest of my life. Indeed, all things work for good to those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose.”

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