When Motherhood is Lonely

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Jenipher is the mother of seven children, four of which she gave birth to and three of which are her brother’s children that she has cared for since his death. A year after she took in her brother’s children her husband unexpectedly died leaving her all alone to care for seven children.  

At first Jenipher managed. She had a job and she worked hard to make ends meet. She even managed to enroll all five of her older children into school. Then she lost her job and one by one they had to drop out. Her oldest son, Joel, started working to help support the family. Joel worked tirelessly every day at a local factory but he brought home less than a dollar a day and it was never enough to feed such a large family or pay rent. Jenipher’s younger children spent all day hungry at home while their friends went to school. Jenipher was terrified her children would end up getting into trouble on the streets or that she would be forced to put them in an orphanage so they could have access to schooling and food.


Instead, Jenipher was referred to Abide where her children attended our Child Development Center while she attended business and parenting classes and received counseling. After graduating Jenipher started a small restaurant to support her family. Since then she has been able to pay rent, feed them, and send all but one child back to school. Jenipher says, “this year is the beginning of a new life for my family. I can see clearly now”

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