Nice and Peace


When Agnes' children were born she named them Nice and Peace. We don't know if she chose those names as a declaration for her children's lives or because they reflected the moments when she became a mother. Either way Agnes desired calm and kindness for her family and her journey to find it at first felt like a failure. 

When Agnes became a christian her muslim husband was not pleased. Agnes ignored his anger and carried her girls to church and back every Sunday in pursuit of that peace and joy she had so craved and had finally found in Jesus. It was enough to make her brave enough to stand up to her husband and continue pursuing what she knew was best for her family. 

Eventually Agnes' husband left her for another woman. At first he would send money and pay rent but as the months went by the money came less and less frequently and the babies cried themselves to sleep from hunger more and more nights. Agnes leaned on prayer and her newfound peace in Jesus until one day her husband came and told her she had to move out of the house. He was done paying rent for them. 


Terrified and all alone Agnes did not know where to go so she walked into her local police station begging for help. The police officer called Abide and hours later Agnes was in our offices being assessed by a social worker.

Agnes' social worker says she remembers that day clearly. Agnes and her daughters looked close to death when they walked through the gate. They reported they hadn't eaten in days and they were all ill. Agnes was diagnosed with malnutrition and put on a high protein diet and provided with food stipends from Abide. They moved in with a friend and Agnes was enrolled in our business, parenting, health, and bible classes while her daughters attended our Child Development Center. Her social worker met with her one on one to provide encouragement and counseling. Home visits were weekly in the beginning until the families' health stabilized. 


Today Agnes and her girls are a completely different family. Agnes is running a thriving business selling second hand clothes and is able to send both her girls to school. In the end, Agnes' choice of names for her daughter did become a prophesy. Today kindness and peace radiate from this family and they celebrate each day they are together, happy, and healthy. 

Agnes says, "God is always watching over His children and thinking good towards them. That's why I am here! Without Abide, I'd be resting in my coffin and my children suffering".