The Most Responsible Teenager


Anna might be the most responsible teenager you've ever met. We wish she didn't have to have developed that responsibility under so much hardship. 

At 19 years Anna was already a married mother of two and was responsible for caring for six of her younger siblings. Her husband could not find work and was struggling so much for care for the family that the children would go days without food. Anna's siblings would take to the streets where they could beg for food and get lost in drugs and alcohol. Anna didn't know what to do. She couldn't balance her younger siblings needs with her babies needs- she couldn't even feed everyone. She was terrified her siblings were going to run away from home and end up permanently on the streets.


When Anna was admitted to Abide she was immediately provided with counseling and guidance. She was enrolled in business and parenting classes where she learned how to provide for her children physically and emotionally. When she graduated she was finally able to see the possibility of a bright future. 


Today Anna and her family are together. Anna started a business selling charcoal and small fish that has been able to provide for the family's needs. Anna says she spends less time worrying now and more time just enjoying her children. They recently welcomed a new baby into their family and it was a time of celebration instead of fear.